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Coaching Certification
ICF - ACC (Associate Certified Coach), Certificate Professional Co-active Coach
Personal Message

Helping you connect to what matters, envision what could be, and take small yet impactful steps to grow your leadership capacity and thrive in complexity.

Coaching Approach

With over 20 years of experience in performance consulting and organizational development, I’m a seasoned Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) and hold the ICF ACC credential. As an integral coach, I partner with executives, emerging leaders, and high achievers to amplify their leadership prowess, navigate intricate relationships, and uncover profound life purposes. Drawing from a tapestry of methodologies, including Conscious/Creative Leadership, Strozzi Embodiment Practices, ORSC Relationship Systems, and Neuroscience, my coaching approach revolves around four fundamental pillars—consciousness, connection, courage, and creativity. Coaching is more than a profession; it is my "natural caffeine." Witnessing clients' transformations fills me with immense joy, knowing my coaching fosters diminished anxiety, fortified relationships, and an enriched sense of fulfillment for those I serve. My site:

What I Enjoy

Going on a long hike, then indulging in delicious food while in the company of those who love to laugh. Traveling overseas and exploring local neighborhoods to find meaningful connections and hidden treasures.

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