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Summit Facilitator

In Judy Anne’s more than two decades of experience, she has held various positions for global

industry leaders (Maersk, Nike), largely in Europe-wide leadership roles. Her experience includes

leadership in commercial strategy and performance, tech and cultural transformation programs,

operations and supply chain management. She has led teams and organization-wide cultural (tech

and tech agnostic) change programs that have made her a passionate student, veteran and

advocate of leadership and transformation.

With over +1800 hours of coaching (including +200 hours of pro-bono work for Filipino leaders

globally), consulting, training and facilitation work, her mission is to helps teams in various

organizations to find clarity, capability, and connection in pursuit of meaningful work. This

includes supporting leaders and helping build leadership teams who care deeply about their

mission and their teams, amidst uncertainty. Outside of leadership teams, she enjoys working

with corporate innovation teams and startup founding teams – helping them take their vision and

ideals towards a cohesive and solid execution while staying true to the values of the company and

its founders.

Finding renewed passion for service in supporting people to articulate their purpose and impact,

she founded two tech startups in the Philippines (2021). Hero App Services and Betsy are social

impact enterprises empowering agency and growth in the ordinary Filipino. She has deep faith

that Filipinos can be heroes of each other, encouraging all Filipinos to find courage, not only to

show up and stand up for others, but to design a good life on their terms.

In November 2022, Judy Anne’s journey was recognised by the Foundation for the Filipina

Women’s Network as one of its awardees for the 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the

World 2022 (FWN100) as an Innovator and Thought Leader, together with a remarkable group of

Filipina women making their mark globally.

She is incredibly excited to launch her research through a leadership coaching program to co-

create the Filipino Leadership Framework with Philippine based leaders and executives. Her hope

is to create a guide for all leaders in the Philippines and in diaspora in their journey, highlighting

how our values and cultural identity can power us to become true players in the global leadership


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