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Summit Facilitator

Roxana Petrus is a coach, psychologist, and consultant with a background in psychotherapy and transformative coaching. 

She believes in a world in which we treat each other with more kindness, respect, and care. A world in which the majority of people feel connected, have meaning in their lives and are satisfied with the work that they do. 

Over the past decade, she has been passionately contributing to building this world in various ways through her work, but one thing has remained constant: keeping people at the center of it all.

Currently, Roxana guides organizations in fostering employee-centric cultures by integrating wellbeing and psychological safety initiatives and developing leadership programs. In addition, she is committed to supporting individuals and teams through coaching, training, and diverse learning experiences.

Her areas of focus include emotional skills development, effective communication and collaboration, and enhancing productivity and satisfaction in the workplace.

With a master’s degree in psychology and advanced training in cognitive behavior psychotherapy, she previously worked as a CBT psychotherapist and founded an NGO focused on mental health awareness.  

Roxana lives on a farm surrounded by llamas, alpacas, dogs, cats and the stillness of breathtaking nature, an endless source of joy and wonder.

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