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Coaching Certification
ELI-MP - Energy Leadership Master Practitioner; CPC - Certified Professional Coach through the International Professional Excellence in Coaching school; Mediation - Bennington College; Enneagram - Cloverleaf
Personal Message

Hi, I'm Amy Perez! Thank you for being part of the movement towards psychological safety at work. After 15 years in the nonprofit space and 8 years in training and coaching, my passion is to help people find alignment, communicate better, and build stronger communities. I often use the Enneagram with clients and teams as a jumping-off point for the self-awareness we all need to grow. As a resource collector, I share books, podcasts, publications, and even music to help connect and deepen your learning. Growth can be challenging but it should also be fun!

Coaching Approach

Creative, curious, direct but compassionate. We all have times in our life when we want more. Sometimes we know what that "more" is, sometimes we need help uncovering it. Coaching can help you face misalignments or missing pieces. Often there is a blocker that you can't see in the way. Through coaching, you remove those blocks to uncover what you truly want. Once you know that, the rest is often making a plan to get there! I help people face the misalignments in their life and navigate to a place of alignment where the energy can have a spark again. Self-awareness is the seed of growth and change. Having a skilled guide is the shortcut on the path to success.

What I Enjoy

Building communities large and small is my passion. In my work, I connect small business women through the Women's Business League as a Community Champion. Outside of work, I love spending time with family and friends, reading too many books, finding ways to be creative, and getting bossed around by my Boston Terriers. 

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