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Coaching Certification
ICF - PCC (Professional Certified Coach) Candidate
Personal Message

Passionate about well-being & relationship dynamics; after 10 years in high performing roles in complex team dynamics in the corporate world, I chose to support high-performing individuals find inner-peace & fulfilment in the midst of striving for success & well-being.

Coaching Approach

I use a Holistic coaching approach combining Co-active coaching & Positive Psychology modalities to support clients gain self-awareness, reconnect with their inner power, boost self-confidence & unleash their unique untapped potential for a more fulfilling life.

When clarity is covered by the mud of judgements & unconscious bias, I support clients in going deeper inwards to identify what is it really about, what is causing fog on their path, and what truly matters to them. I hold a safe space for them to tap into your inner world, gain clarity & break free from fears holding them back from reaching their desired goals. The coaching journey enables you to manage daily stress with more ease, strengthen self-esteem, develop healthier relationships & deeper connection at work & in your personal life. You also get to find out what ignites your light and take bold actions towards change, building the lives they desire. The Power is already within each one.

I am a trained Co-active coach, in the process of getting my CPCC from CTI, ICF’s oldest & largest accredited academy. I am also a CPC from Coach Masters Academy, based on positive psychology. As an ICF member, I honour ICF’s code of ethics throughout my practice, and respect clients’ unique identities with no judgement.

Common coaching outcomes are

  • Increased self-awareness & clarity

  • Improved self-confidence

  • Inner peace & values alignment

  • Ability to develop healthier relationships & deeper connections

  • More assertive communication and presentation skills

  • A greater sense of purpose & overall well-being

  • Capacity to embrace ambiguity & lead through uncertainty

"The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives" Esther Perel

What I Enjoy

At core, I value connection & enjoy building authentic relationships with people from all around the world.

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