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Coaching Certification
Coaching Academy accredited Coach with over 20 years of experience. Accredited to use the Harthill Vertical Development Coaching instrument.
Personal Message

Ours is a critical time in the history of humanity. When we look at what’s happening around us we see the symptoms of the reality of radical change everywhere – it’s in our organisations, our communities, economics, monetary, energy, biosphere, climate, food and societal systems. In 2021 I was introduced to Chris Jordan’s powerful documentary entitled Albatross which opened my eyes to the destructive power of our culture of mass consumption and humanity’s damaged relationship with the living world. Seeing the reality of young albatrosses dying, their stomachs filled with plastic broke my heart. A deep love for Mother Earth and all forms of life emerged out of the depths of grief. I am committed to supporting the evolution of our human consciousness such that we are able to collaborate in new ways to heal our relationship to ourselves, others and our precious blue planet.

Coaching Approach

Inside each of us lies an evolutionary force which is shaping who we are becoming. Just as the eye cannot see itself, we cannot see the window through which we perceive ourselves, others and the world around us. Our beliefs, biases, assumptions and limits remain mostly hidden, below the level of our awareness, and we seldom stop to question these because we regard them as the truth. I support my clients to engage purposefully with the process that lies at the heart of human change, enabling them to gain access to these unseen aspects of themselves, to know what they’re feeling, thinking and sensing, to live into their emerging potential. My work as a coach is grounded in an extensively researched and globally established model of Vertical Adult Development which supports the transformation of consciousness through deepening and accelerating the expansion in a person’s thinking and feeling capabilities. Psychological safety forms the bedrock of my work.

What I Enjoy

Engaging in conversation that challenge my thinking and open my mind and heart; walking quietly in nature, time with dear friends and family and my cat Tao, listening to music, writing and engaging in meaningful and purposeful action for systemic change in the world.

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