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Coaching Certification
ICF - ACC (Associate Certified Coach)
Personal Message

Hi, I'm Karina. Thank you for being part of the Speak Up Summit and contributing to the movement to make our workplaces safe spaces to be a part of. My wish for us through these 24 hours is that we open up to different ideas and principles around psychological safety, that we feel like we belong to a community and that we can walk away with at least 1 thing we can personally do to influence change in our environments.  

As a certified coach, Mental Health First Aider and HR leader, my personal goal as you coach with me is to help you create meaning, reach clarity, and feel progress towards your desired coaching objective. 

Coaching Approach

My clients often describe coaching sessions with me as being part of a safe space, where they feel carried and supported as they go through a reflection process guided by simple, but powerful questions from me. You decide what we talk about and in what pace we move through the goal. I give you the space to access your thoughts and emotions and help you create meaning out of them. We will always walk away with you learning something about yourself and potentially 1 or 2 things you can do to get closer to your personal objective. 

What I Enjoy

Simple joys - quiet mornings with my cup of coffee facing the sun (if we're lucky to have some that day). 1:1 time with my close friends. Chilled outdoor time with family. 

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