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Coaching Certification
ICF - PCC (Professional Certified Coach) and CPCC (Certified Professional Co-active Coach)
Personal Message

Several years ago Patrick started his coaching journey which led him to a new found passion and life changing experiences. Being a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and a Mentor-Coach, Patrick's ambition is now to help people and young coaches worldwide on their journey to become the best versions of themselves.  

Coaching Approach

Patrick's coaching approach is co-active coaching which helps stretch your sightline, get out of your comfort zone, and grow along the way. It’s a way to better understand your own journey — to help you design your own life’s quest by rediscovering your courage to be the one you want to be, in order to create what you want to create.

What I Enjoy

I love people and I enjoy spending time with them, getting to know them and learning from them. People are my true passion, which includes first and foremost my family. Aside from that I am a sports enthusiast, I enjoy football, tennis and all kinds of sports involving a ball. 

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