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Coaching Certification
ICF - PCC (Professional Certified Coach) Candidate
Personal Message

Coaching is about the Client. Genuine concern for the well-being of a person means you are willing to sit with them where they are. Remember to be in the moment and trust that they can determine the answers and arrive at the solutions themselves.

Coaching Approach

My Coaching Approach: I create a safe and supportive space for my client to explore goals and challenges. Through active listening, powerful questioning, and deep presence, I will guide my client on a journey of self-discovery and growth. Together, we will uncover unique strengths and leverage my clients to create lasting positive change.

 Who Can Benefit? I am particularly interested in working with individuals who desire to make their voice heard, whether it's in the workplace or at home. I specialize in helping clients break through barriers and confidently express themselves. Whether it´s the fear of judgment, imposter syndrome, or a lack of self- confidence, my coaching approach is designed to support my clients in embracing their authentic voice and amplifying it in all aspects of their lives. However, my coaching is open to anyone who is committed to personal growth and ready to take action towards their goals.

What I Enjoy

I find immense joy in guiding others through the coactive coaching process, witnessing their growth and transformation firsthand. When I'm not coaching or working, you'll often find me soaking up quality time with my family and relatives, cherishing those precious moments that truly matter. And when the wanderlust strikes, I eagerly embark on adventures, exploring new cultures and destinations, enriching my life with unforgettable experiences.

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