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Coaching Certification
ICF - ACC (Associate Certified Coach)
Personal Message

As a Coach, I aim to empower individuals across three key domains: Leadership, Career, and Life.

I’m on a mission to leave the world a better place by helping to elevate and promote conscious, authentic leadership in business and the community, and helping individuals connect to purpose, and unleash their greatness and full authentic expression.  

Coaching Approach

I draw on many methodologies depending on the context of the coaching session and the client's specific needs. I do not follow a specific process or flow but rather adapt to what is needed to achieve your desired outcome(s). I can do this because of the depth of training and experience I have.

I have formally trained in and use the following coaching approaches:

  • Solution-Focused Coaching

  • Co-Active Coaching

  • Gallup Strengths Coaching

  • Leadership Circle Profile

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Clean Language Coaching

What I Enjoy

I'm an adventurer at heart, a lifelong learner, seeker of meaning and deeper connections. I'm currently unlearning a few things and leaning into living with greater balance and presence. I love surfing, I meditate and enjoy playing and listening to music. I am particularly interested in human behaviour and called to help others connect with purpose, unlock awareness, and step into their greatness.

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