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Summit Facilitator

Ever feel like your team's stuck in Agile purgatory? Don't worry, I've been there (and in a surprising number of industries too!).  Over 10 years, I've conjured Agile wins across the board - from the labs of pharmaceuticals to the fast-paced world of digital products, from bootstrapped startups to global e-commerce, I've even dabbled in financial consulting and global media!  Think Willy Wonka with a Kanban board, but with way fewer questionable boat rides.

My secret weapon? Coaching with a human touch. Sure, I speak fluent Agile, but I also speak human. Having scaled teams from scrappy startups to established global players, I know how to ditch the drama and deliver results, no matter the size or industry.

But it's not just about processes. I believe in the power of psychological safety. Happy, high-performing teams are the real superheroes (and let's be honest, they tend to be funnier too). ‍

There's more to Artanto than meets the Agile eye:

1. TEDxJakarta veteran: For over a decade, I've been on a mission to ignite the minds of Indonesia's brightest talents. 

2. Stand-up comedy alumnus: Let's just say I know how to break the tension (and maybe even explain Agile using a banana peel analogy that will leave you both enlightened and slightly amused).

Ready to unleash your team's potential and brew some serious success? Let's connect!

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