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Summit Facilitator

Irene has been an online facilitator since 2008 and for e/merge Africa Network (part of CILT University of Cape Town) since 2016. Ms. Maweu has experience in online and face2face facilitation, online courses, workshop/meetings and training designs, content development and online learning. She was part of contributors/curators of the community building activities and here is a session she led . She is a core designer and team members for a yearly event call MYFEST which promotes Intentional Equitable Hospitality.

In collaboration with Common Sense consultants, and as part of the international consultants team, Irene facilitated a Virtual Orientation Course for digital skills on “How to Use Online Meeting Tools Course” for Afripol in the African Union. She also supported the content experts in facilitation of a “Migration in Africa course”.

Together with a team from Common Sense, German Police and AfriPol, she developed content for an Introduction to Gender course and uploaded the content into an LMS (

Through Grid Impact she was in a team of African consultants for the Melinda Gates Foundation - Financial Services for the Poor and supported the creation of content for a facilitation program. She was involved in the design, development, delivery/implementation and facilitation of the Transformative Leadership Women Land Rights Pilot Course (TWLR) for Oxfam International from the “Keepers of the Land” manual. The pilot involved participants from nine countries where Oxfam is represented across the world.

Irene has tutored, facilitated online and face to face, supported online learning and communication, as well as facilitation in strategic training for capacity development, policy and strategic planning, financial inclusion and moderated national and international conferences. As a mentor and facilitator, She was involved in the gender transformative project for GIZ for women agri-prenuers in Kenya, facilitated many workshops for GIZ-EAC on One Health and the 8th Task Force for the establishment of a Regional Pool of Rapidly Deployable Experts (RDE) Pool Meeting and advised other similar projects in Africa. She has also facilitated many hybrid sessions and workshops including one for World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) FIRABiot Project launch. She mentored facilitators of a youth mentorship programme, Future Voices Kenya and continues to mentor others globally through The Heart of African Facilitation, which is a space she founded. She has worked in different capacities and consulted all over Africa with development partners e.g. GIZ, private, public and banking sectors (e.g Standard Chartered Bank), NGOs (e.g Transparency International-Kenya and Institute of Economic Affairs Kenya) and institutions of higher learning (e.g. University of Nairobi - Student Exchange Programmes).

She is a member and advisor of the Global Conscious Peacemakers, a member of International Association of Facilitators (IAF) and eLearning in Development implementation (ELDI), Guidelines International Network (GIN) and member and leadership team of e/merge Africa Network. She is both a Rotarian and a Rotaractor.

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