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Summit Facilitator

It is time for better leadership and value driven cultures to enable long-term success.


Karin is an Organizational Culture Shifter, leading the charge as Managing Partner at tostep, where she is dedicated to transforming the daily grind into a source of daily joy for leaders and their teams. By creating a value driven environment, with trust and respect at the center, we can experience deep connection between people and bring our whole selves to work. 


tostep works with founders and executives who care for their employees and who want to improve the overall health and effectiveness of their organization. They help organizations to get more agile, tweak core structures, and allow their company culture to change for the better.


With a robust background in IT management consulting and team management, particularly within the Life Sciences sector, Karin brings over a decade of experience in nurturing team success, orchestrating smooth transitions of power, and fostering agile leadership.

Her journey includes pivotal roles at adesso Schweiz AG, where she spearheaded the Life Sciences IT Business Line, and at Arcondis Group, where she managed a team of driven IT management consultants, steering complex projects to fruition.


Whilst being based near Basel, Switzerland, tostep works with clients around the globe.


For insights into creating a thriving organizational culture and to explore how we can elevate your leadership journey, connect with Karin and tostep ( ).

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