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Summit Facilitator

Lisa Lewis, the founder of MindMosaic Inclusive HR, has over a decade of extensive experience in human resources and management. Lisa has a remarkable track record of resolving complex problems, driving change management for HR initiatives, and contributing to organizational development.

Lisa's passion for learning development shines through in her work. She excels at creating systems that nurture high-performance workforces and cultivate future leaders. Committed to upholding dignity and respect in the workplace, Lisa places a strong emphasis on team culture, psychological safety, and a sense of belonging.

Diagnosed with ADHD later in life, Lisa credits her diverse background and success to her neurodivergent perspective. Lisa's unique traits have fueled her drive to extend her professional journey, leading her to work and travel to over 40 countries.

Lisa is dedicated to spreading awareness and sharing personal insights about neurodiversity and the intersectionality of all neurotypes through consultation, public speaking, and professional development opportunities. She has been a guest speaker on the podcast "ADHD for Smart Ass Women" and has shared her insights at CPHR roundtables. Additionally, Lisa works one-on-one with individuals to find creative and simple solutions to workplace barriers, addressing their intersectional needs. Her hands-on approach reflects her dedication to making a tangible impact on workplace inclusivity.

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