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Executive Branding Specialist

Why You MUST Control Your Personal Brand Narrative

Ahmad Iman will give a heartfelt talk sharing some of his workplace experiences and the importance of a safe workplace and the consequences of not having one. He’ll also discuss personal and executive branding, stressing that without your brand you are never truly safe. Ahmad will highlight the importance of creating a personal brand that you can control and that will transcend different positions.

Speaker Bio

Ahmad is a presenter, speaker, and highly regarded executive branding specialist. Having built a LinkedIn following of over one million professionals, and learning to harness social marketing tools to amplify brand value and credibility, Ahmad now helps other professionals do the same.

Ahmad founded The Executive Brand in 2020 and works directly with Executives, Boards, and Founders to help them define and communicate an industry leading brand using the proven strategies, systems, and methods that he has used to build his own.

In addition, Ahmad is the Ambassador to the Royal Office UAE, Board Member, Strategic Advisor, and is involved in a number of values driven initiatives with a focus on social impact.

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