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Independent Director & Former General Counsel

Truth Teller or Whistleblower - Does it Matter?

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Speaker Bio

A lawyer with a CEO mindset, Angélique trained at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Barbados and obtained her Legal Education Certificate at the Hugh Wooding Law School, Trinidad. Angélique also qualified as a UK solicitor.

For three decades, she has lived and worked across the Middle East, UK, Latin America, and the Caribbean, developing a multicultural, and multidisciplinary skill set. In her 15 years in oil & gas Angélique occupied various key roles, from VP of HR and Compliance in Egypt to Senior Counsel for Ethics in Trinidad & Tobago, alongside significant positions in Brazil and the UK. Beyond oil & gas, her career has spanned the financial, construction, environmental, and retail sectors.

As the Massy Group’s Executive Vice President, Business Integrity and General Counsel for nearly 8 years, Angélique managed the global legal operations—covering commercial deals, litigation, compliance, industrial relations, and M&A. Angélique established a Business Integrity programme to create a Speak Up, Listen Up culture working with the Board, Executives and management.

At the heart of her ethos is creating ethical corporate environments. Through codes of ethics, whistleblowing hotlines, and 'speak up' investigations, her aim has always been to inspire action that goes beyond ticking boxes. These initiatives have been her way of speaking truth to power, striving to embed a culture of integrity that acknowledges its complexities and challenges while recognising that the journey to integrity is fraught with hurdles and requires relentless advocacy.

Angélique currently serves on the boards of the NGO Let’s Read and NH International (Caribbean) Limited; up to 2023, Angélique served on the boards of AMCHAM Trinidad & Tobago and the Trinidad & Tobago Transparency Institute, advocating for change and integrity in business practices.

Her TedTalk at TedWomen2020 where Angélique shared her insights on integrity and leadership has garnered almost 1.5 M views. Angélique have delivered talks and been part of panels at several internationally recognised conferences, including the 2023 Economist General Counsel’s 20th summit on ethics, independence and trust, 2022 Economist Impact’s Innovation at Work, Legal Geek, BRF’s (Brazil) and Sanofi’s (Paris) compliance leadership; Navex’s training and others.

Angélique champions the cause of diversity in thought and the empowerment of women, advocating for their voices to be heard in all spheres. Her belief is that this is not about economic advantage but to uphold principles of justice, fairness, and equality because empowering women and amplifying their voices is not just beneficial—it's right.

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