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Interculturalist, Trainer, & Speaker

Is Burnout a Cultural Phenomenon? It was for me!
From Burnout to Business Owner

Session summary coming soon...

Speaker Bio

Annelie Wambeek was an interculturalist* long before she knew the term, having been raised and educated across continents. She is part Sri Lankan, part English, born in Sweden, lived in Spain and has Dutch ancestors - so interculturalism is both her life and work!

Raised as a Third Culture Kid, her lived experience of multiculturalism played a formative role in her life. Currently, Annelie is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. As an adult she honed her intercultural competences through academic studies in Sociology, Cultural Studies and an MSc in International Relations, and working in the non-governmental and corporate sectors.

Today Annelie has the privilege of working independently with global clients, at the intersection between the DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) and intercultural fields, with a focus on enhancing inclusion and belonging.

*Someone who is comfortable in more than one culture. Someone who can operate effectively between cultures. Someone who can be a bridge between cultures

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