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CEO - NotMe Solutions Inc.

Overcoming Fear of Retaliation

In this session, Ariel discusses the tangible ways to address concerns about retaliation or negative consequences for speaking up, emphasizing the importance of a supportive environment. 

Speaker Bio

With over 18 years of experience as an employment lawyer and a passion for Ethics & Compliance, workplace safety and transparency, Ariel founded NotMe Solutions (#NotMe), a disruptive SaaS platform, to change how people "speak up" at work and report misconduct or share feedback with their employers so they can, timely, take appropriate action. 

As the CEO of NotMe Solutions, Ariel leads a team of experts who help organizations across the world foster a 'speak up' culture, increase trust, and reduce costs on employee turnover and labor lawsuits. 

Ariel also works closely with HR leaders, Compliance Officers and their teams to develop impactful whistleblowing/speak up programs that are authentic & trusted by employees. 

He leverages his deep expertise in employment law and compliance, as well as his entrepreneurial spirit, to create a positive impact on workplace culture and organizational performance. 

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