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Communication, Creativity, and Leadership Consultant

How to Speak Up - And Be Heard

It’s hard enough to speak up – but when we do, how can we make sure we are heard?

In this interactive session, Beth will show you how to be heard by being a more effective communicator.

She'll share practical tips to help you improve your skills – and your confidence.

You'll leave the session understanding how to communicate in a way that connects, influences, and inspires your audience.

Speaker Bio

Beth Collier is passionate about helping people improve their communication, creativity, and leadership skills.

She began her career in Los Angeles, and has held diverse communication and leadership roles on three continents, including a decade in financial services in London.

Beth now runs a leadership consultancy and helps people become more capable and confident speakers and writers, and more creative thinkers and leaders.

Beth is originally from the US, and has lived abroad for 20 years. She is relentlessly curious and shares stories inspired by business, history, and pop culture in her weekly newsletter, Curious Minds.

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