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Human Resource Leader

5 Keys to Unlock "High Potential" Performance

Join Brandon Springle to connect the dots that unlock the powerful creation capability we ALL possess.

During this session we will review dynamic frameworks and theories to bring to the forefront how we can leverage five specific keys to move ourselves and others towards our highest potential. Now is the time to harness the impact of increased clarity and psychological safety to cultivate a culture where EVERYONE can thrive and find fulfilment.

Speaker Bio

Brandon is a dedicated HR (Human Resources) Leader with over 15 years of evolving experience working in multiple industries including Manufacturing, Background Screening, Health Insurance, and Sports & Entertainment.

Brandon currently serves as a Divisional OD and Success Director at Shaw Industries where he has spent the past 10+ years. His passion for psychological safety grew immensely during the pandemic as he sought out ways to raise awareness and educate first internally and then within his local and virtual communities.

Brandon became certified as a psychological safety coach using the “4 Stages of Psychological Safety” framework in 2021 through LeaderFactor. Brandon is also certified as a Change Manager with intimate knowledge of the ADKAR process.

Brandon has been featured on numerous podcasts, DisruptHR Chattanooga 1.0, and has multiple entries in ManageHR Magazine. He also regularly posts content on LinkedIn that is valuable for ALL.

Brandon is a senior leader focused on providing an amazing experience at all levels through a service-oriented approach that is rooted firmly in psychological safety. He continues to build expertise in applied neuroscience, psychosocial risk management, and social psychology as a continuous learner.

Brandon recognizes that there is power in aligning individually diverse talents to a shared vision where success is dependent upon the collective brain trust of the “team”.

More than anything, Brandon loves to see people thriving as opposed to simply surviving.

His motto is that “Life outside of the workplace is difficult enough, we must do all we can to create safe work environments for all”.

Brandon enjoys spending time with his wife and four children in his personal time. Brandon enjoys his hobbies which include reading, writing, music production, and all things basketball.

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