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Co-Author of 'Rebels at Work'

Discretionary Energy at Work is Magical...and completely Voluntary!

In this session we explore how leaders can effectively tap into their staff's discretionary energy (Hint: They can never do it directly). We'll delve into strategies and approaches that foster an environment where employees willingly invest their discretionary effort.

We'll also emphasize that productive conflict is indispensable for establishing and maintaining psychological safety among team members. Without constructive disagreement and open communication channels, psychological safety remains elusive.

Lastly, we'll examine some common mistakes that well-meaning managers often make. By recognizing these pitfalls, leaders can better navigate their roles and cultivate a positive work culture. Together, we'll explore practical solutions to avoid these errors and enhance leadership effectiveness.

Speaker Bio

Carmen, a lifelong learner, is known for her curiosity, her whimsical and yet somehow analytic take on issues, and her desire to share and provide her discretionary energy to worthwhile causes. She retired after 32 years with the Central Intelligence Agency and cannot escape whatever assumptions others have about that. But she was described as a heretic at CIA and used that rebel experience to co-write with Lois Kelly the 2014 book, Rebels at Work.

Her ethnic heritage is Puerto Rican but her formative years were in West Texas. She speaks to audiences worldwide about how to be an effective change agent and a better thinker.

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