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Connect for Impact

When we share our stories, we invite connection with others. Through this connection, we are more likely to feel trust and psychological safety with those around us. As a result, each of us is more comfortable speaking up, sharing ideas, discussing challenges and finding solutions. We feel happier, our teams perform better and our organizations thrive. I will share an example of how we might share our story and how that connection can contribute to better business results through improved psychological safety, inviting each of us to reflect on the story we feel comfortable sharing.

Speaker Bio

David Moerlein has created psychologically safe spaces at work for more than a decade. During his 15 years at Google, he managed hundreds of people across ten global offices and was awarded numerous awards for coaching and management. David combines his academic background in science (BA + MS in Biology) and business (MBA) with an intersection of psychology, behavioral economics, business acumen, statistics and operations to support happy workers, highly productive teams and organizational excellence.

His book, The Safety Effect shares tools David has implemented over the years to help others create psychological safety for themselves and others.

He is a proud dad of two kids, an avid adventurer, and a constant learner. When not enjoying time with his family or writing, he is usually training for triathlons or planning his next outdoor adventure.

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