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CEO & Founder - Verdant Consulting

Handling Live Wires: The Psychological Hazards of Leading

The World Health Organization recently published global guidelines for addressing the "2nd pandemic" of mental health crises at work. In their policy, they identified common hazards in business that are detrimental to emotional wellbeing and accelerate burnout.

One of them was leading others.

Being a manager can often seem attractive and is commonly perceived as necessary for career advancement. Most managers strive to be inspirational, supportive, and help their team thrive. Yet, according to Gallup, 70% of managers are not effective. Further, surveys show that nearly 70% have not been trained on HOW to lead others.

Not being aware of these threats is akin to an electrician not being trained on the hazards of electricity. We are handling live wires without the equipment or knowledge to keep ourselves from getting zapped.

In this session, we will review the known hazards that exist for people leaders, share the business impact of not addressing these risks, and share established tactics that can be applied immediately to help managers and their teams flourish. As a result, participants will be able to:

  • Have awareness of the hazards of leading others

  • Identify their level of risk for burnout

  • Articulate the business impact of these risks

  • Craft an action plan to address these hazards

Speaker Bio

Dr. Allessandria Polizzi (or Dr. Al) is an award-winning and globally recognized thought leader and top-rated speaker on workplace mental health, psychological health and safety, and building resilient organizations.

A former HR executive with experience in 20+ industries, she is now the CEO of Verdant Consulting, a top 20 workplace wellness provider of 2022, as well as the ISO global liaison for occupational health and safety.

She also serves as an expert on psychological health and safety for professional associations, media, and the National Safety Council and recently published the Workplace Mental Health Strategy Workbook for companies to proactively address this issue.

Her entertaining and informative talks inspire audiences while providing practical tactics based on decades of scientific research. Dr. Al weaves together data, stories, audience interaction, self-reflection, and her quirky sense of humor to create memorable and actionable experiences that can transform how we work.

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