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Industrial-Organizational Psychologist & Professor of Organizational Behavior

Dark Personalities: Their Role in the Creation of Toxic Workplaces

Individuals presenting dark personalities such as narcissism and psychopathy can have devastating effects as employees, but these effects are even more significant when they are in a leadership position. Indeed, an organization’s culture is created and maintained by its leaders. When those leaders present dark personality traits, their values, and negative workplace behaviors set the tone for a toxic work culture.

We will discuss how individuals presenting dark personalities make their way into the organization to obtain leadership roles, how they are able to remain in those leadership roles despite their unethical decisions and behaviors, their influence on toxic work cultures, and how to deal with the root causes of toxic work cultures (leaders and systems).

Speaker Bio

Dr. Cynthia Mathieu is an industrial-organizational psychologist and Professor of Organizational Behavior at the University of Québec in Trois-Rivières (Canada).

She studies and has published research on psychopathy and other dark personalities in the workplace, leadership, toxic workplace culture, and employee well-being. She consults with organizations and teaches on corporate psychopathy, employee selection, mental health in the workplace, organizational fraud, dark leadership, and work culture. She has been invited to speak for different types of organizations, such as the Conference Board of Canada, the Canadian federal government, the US government, the Retail Council of Canada, and Facebook.

She is the author of the new book: Dark Personalities in the Workplace, published at Elsevier, New York, and she regularly posts on LinkedIn, where she received in 2023 the mentions of Top Community Voice on Leadership, Team Management, and Recruitment.

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