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Author, Trainer, & Board Member

Why You Need a Sponsor at Work

Research has shown that having a sponsor can propel your career upwards on the organizational hierarchy even up to the board level.

So, how do you find a sponsor? Do you know what sponsors value? Why sponsors sponsor? And what can sponsors do for you?

In this interactive talk, you will find answers to these questions.

Speaker Bio

'Empowering leaders through effective communication' is Jovina Ang’s mission. As an author of 5 books, a seasoned trainer and an active board member, she strives to inspire others by sharing insights on leadership, board governance, and the transformative power of communication.

She is also passionate about telling people about the benefits of having a career sponsor as it has been proven that sponsorship can propel careers forward even up to the board level.

Hundreds of people across the world have benefited from her insights on leadership communication and career sponsorship through her speaking, teaching and coaching engagements.

Jovina has over 30 years of global experience working for Fortune 500 tech companies and leading worldwide institutions of higher education.

Originally from Malaysia, Jovina has lived in Australia and Singapore. She has a PhD from Singapore Management University, and she serves on the boards of BoardAgender and the Evergreen Primary School. In her spare time, she enjoys growing orchids and playing the piano.

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