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Consultant, Facilitator & Independent Medical Culture Researcher

A Reality Check on Narcissistic Leadership & Its Impact At Work

Narcissistic leadership is often seen as a double-edged sword in workplaces. These leaders allegedly facilitate remarkable progress while making employees' lives hell.

In a world obsessed with progress, productivity, profits and psychological safety, we need a different model of leadership that can achieve goals without harm. This talk will challenge thinking about leadership, highlight traits of a workplace culture led by narcissistic leadership and how to realistically evolve a culture toward psychological safety.

Speaker Bio

Nathalie Martinek PhD is an ex-systems biologist and cancer researcher turned consultant, group facilitator & independent medical culture researcher.

She specializes in helping individuals and groups navigate professional relationships and workplaces that feature burnout, bullying and narcissistic leadership. Her clients develop interpersonal skills that facilitate leadership, psychological safety, conflict resolution and functional relationships.

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