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CEO - Women on Stage

Career Development Strategies

During the session we will look at the core elements of a career development strategy and discuss how to design a successful career.

Speaker Bio

Eylem Demir Sentürk is a senior leader with 22-year track record in the pharmaceutical industry at esteemed companies such as Actelion, Celgene, Vifor Pharma, Novartis, and Bayer.

In 2020, Eylem transitioned from corporate into entrepreneurship and founded Women on Stage, a Switzerland based organization dedicated to four key focus areas:

  • Advancing Women: Increasing the representation of women in board and corporate leadership

  • Connecting Work & Talent: Providing insightful methodologies for organizations to attract, recruit, and retain female talents and leaders

  • More Diversity & Equity & Inclusion: Taking Diversity, Equity & Inclusion to the next level

  • Providing a seamless transition from Academia to Industry: Providing programs to assist academics who aspire careers in the Life Science Industry

Eylem encountered instances of workplace bullying twice in her career. To gain deeper insights into the root causes, dynamics and consequences of work place bullying, she pursued a psychology study at the University of Liverpool.

Following her successful graduation, Eylem has strategically developed workshops tailored for both individuals and organizations to understand the workplace bullying dynamics and equip participants with preventive strategies.

By drawing upon her personal experiences and academic expertise, Eylem is committed to assisting businesses in creating healthier and psychologically safe workplaces.

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