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Regional Director - Leadership Circle

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Speaker Bio

Ghida is an experienced and certified executive and system coach, facilitator, assessor, and organizational consultant. She has accumulated over 2,300 registered hours of individual and system/team coaching. Ghida is also recognized as one of the international faculty members and front-of-room leaders at CRR Global, where she is chosen to train coaches, psychologists, corporate executives, and leaders worldwide in ORSC (Organizational & Relationship System Coaching) coaching materials. Additionally, Ghida serves as a faculty member and Regional Director for MENA at the Leadership Circle, a prestigious global leadership development organization.

She works with immense passion and professionalism to support leaders in their pursuit of personal growth, career development, and leadership advancement. Her focus is on guiding teams within organizations to foster a culture that promotes collaboration, creativity, learning, and ownership. She leverages their unique strengths and aligns their goals with genuine commitment and collective action.

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