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Founder - Vanguard Voices

Navigating the Political Landscape: Insights from Our Trenches

Join Jamie and Jessica for an engaging discussion as a former employee and manager candidly share their journey through the intricate web of office politics based on their working experiences across their combined 40+ year working career. 

They will talk about the challenges, triumphs, and lessons learned while navigating the often murky waters of organizational politics. From subtle power plays to overt turf wars, Jamie and Jessica will provide firsthand accounts of the strategies, tactics, and pitfalls encountered along the way. Jessica will also speak about the motivation and circumstances leading to the creation of Vanguard Voices.

Discover how they leveraged their unique perspectives to forge alliances, overcome obstacles, and drive positive change amidst competing agendas. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the corporate scene, this talk offers invaluable insights and practical advice for thriving in even the most politically charged workplaces.

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