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Chief Imagination Officer

How to Implement Culture Change for Employee Well Being

Fear needs to be removed from our organizations else there is little engagement. Similar to a racehorse with riders and whips in hand, the horse goes fast for so long before there is burnout. A horse without fear of the whip goes further and faster.

In this talk, John talks through an awakened awareness and sustainable process that encourages collaboration and without politics.He will share best practices that induce employee well being and purposeful dialogues.

Speaker Bio

John Rainford is an accomplished professional in the field of Innovation consulting, dedicated to transforming the way people think and deliver value within companies and scientific institutions. With a passion for driving change and fostering creativity, John has made significant contributions to learning organizations such as Shell, Rolls Royce and ABB.

Currently, John holds the esteemed positions of Chief Imagination Officer at and Chief Innovation Officer for He is also CEO of and One of John's notable achievements was the successful launch of Shell Global Solutions, a $ 5 billion company that revolutionized problem-solving amongst executives and leaders by shifting paradigms in the Innovation culture.

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