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Ambassador - Stop Hurt at Work

A Personal Experience: The Psychological Harm of Bullying

Jonathan will describe his experience of workplace bullying, DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender), Flying Monkeys and Institutional betrayal. He will describe how he was transformed from a confident and capable police leader to an individual with destroyed confidence, depress and anxiety and was diagnosed with trauma.

It was an experience that caused him to resign from a job that he loved and been successful in for 28yrs.

Speaker Bio

Jonathan is a public speaker and an advocate for safer workplace culture, psychological safety, responsible leadership, and challenging workplace bullying, harassment, and discrimination. He has over 28 years of experience working for the Metropolitan Police (UK) in senior leadership roles, where he gained considerable expertise in prevention strategies, legislative changes, working with vulnerable groups, and partnership work.

After retiring from the police service in 2020 due to a traumatic experience of workplace bullying, Jonathan dedicated his time and energy to raising awareness and educating businesses and individuals about the harmful effects and causes of bullying behaviors. He is currently an ambassador for Stop Hurt at Work and Conduct Change Foundation, two organizations that aim to promote positive workplace culture and mental health. He also runs a holiday cottage business in Cornwall, where he enjoys various outdoor activities. Jonathan's mission is to empower people to create and maintain respectful and supportive work environments, where everyone can thrive and grow.

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