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Leadership Consultant and Author

Brave Spaces, Breakthrough Ideas: The Game-Changing Magic of Psychological Safety

Drawing from the award-winning book, The Psychological Safety Playbook, co-authors Minette Norman and Karolin Helbig will share action steps to change workplace dynamics in profoundly positive ways.

Attendees will be inspired and equipped with practical tools they can use immediately to create the magic of psychological safety in the teams they lead and participate in.


Speaker Bio

Building on more than two decades of experience as a management consultant and in leadership development, along with a deep expertise in science, Karolin Helbig helps leaders increase their effectiveness, optimize team performance, and transform their organizations through mindset, emotional intelligence, and psychological safety. She serves large, international corporations as well as mid-size companies and non-profit organizations and is known for bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Previously, Karolin spent more than 15 years as a top management consultant with McKinsey & Company, working as a trusted advisor and in some cases, a hands-on coach, to solve her clients’ toughest issues. She integrated world-class problem solving, industry expertise, and proprietary tools and capabilities to create change and lasting impact with organizations in industries from banking to public sector to chemicals in Europe and the Middle East. While in that role, Karolin saw first-hand how real transformation is not the result of optimized processes and systems, but of transformed people leadership.

Prior to McKinsey, Karolin received her PhD in human genetics from the Phillipps-Universität in Marburg, Germany. Today, she integrates neuroscience findings that revolutionize the way we understand how human brains function and translates them into applicable and powerful leadership practices.

Learn more about Karolin’s work on her website

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