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People, Leadership & Culture Strategist | ICF PCC Coach | Diversity & Inclusion Consultant | Lawyer | International Speaker | Conflict Management Specialist | Board Director | C-Suite Advisor | Published Author

Guiding Light: Building Ethical, Inclusive, and Inspiring Boards

In an increasingly complex and uncertain landscape, effective board leadership and the cultivation of

inclusive and inspiring leadership teams are paramount for organizational success. This interactive talk delves into the essential strategies and insights for senior executives to navigate the complexities of board leadership while fostering environments that inspire diverse voices and ignite collective inspiration for a collaborative, innovative, and productive leadership culture.

  • Strategic Navigation: Learn how to effectively steer your board through turbulent waters while maintaining a clear focus on long-term objectives.

  • Cultivating Inclusivity: Gain insights into fostering an inclusive culture that values and celebrates differences.

  • Inspiring Leadership: Learn how to cultivate a shared sense of purpose and clarity.

With a blend of strategic insights, the latest case studies, and research, this talk focuses on navigating the complexities of board leadership while fostering inclusive and inspiring teams that drive organizational success.

Speaker Bio

Kaumudi is the Founder of The Human Conversation, Board Member of the Professional Speakers Association Netherlands, DEI strategist at the European Women on Boards (EWOB), and a leader of the BIPOC Member Resource Group (MRG) at International Coach Federation (ICF) Global.

As a people and culture strategist, DEI consultant, executive coach, trusted c-suite advisor, and lawyer, KG has helped transform organizations in APAC, EMEA, and North America. She has extensive experience in developing strategy and policies and executing learning interventions to build ethical, inclusive and inspiring organizations.

KG has an MBA from the Indian School of Business (ISB), an LLM from the University of Virginia, and practiced as an attorney in the US. She is an ICF-certified PCC coach, a Newfield-certified ontological and performance coach, and a trained mediator.

KG has been featured in the Financial Times London, Channel News Asia, The Hindu, and Times of India. She is an award-winning international speaker and bestselling author with three books published.

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