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Training & Development, Psychological Safety & Resilience

3 Practical Ways to Leverage Psychological Safety at Work

Participants will learn how empathy, proactive leadership, and active engagement are crucial to building a psychologically safe workplace. They'll gain insights into practical steps they can take to encourage open communication, reduce fear of failure, and enhance team collaboration.

This session provides opportunities for participants to share experiences, ask questions, and contribute ideas, ensuring they leave with valuable strategies they can immediately implement.

Speaker Bio

Maria Luisa Engels is a seasoned business trainer, coach, and international speaker specializing in practical neuroscience.

She has 25 years of experience, two Master's degrees in Economics and Business Administration, and certifications in psychological safety, resilience, Neuroscience of Change, and Neuroleadership.

She supports individuals and companies through restructuring, stress management, and sustainable change implementation.

As an independent consultant, she has successfully trained and coached over 250 managers and professionals globally, including major organizations like Fresenius Medical Care, OLX, Merck, Oracle, and Santander Group.

Maria Luisa is also a prolific visual thinker, artist, and author of four books on leadership, emotional intelligence, communication, and work-life balance, featuring her popular weekly Sketchnotes on LinkedIn.

Her impactful work has garnered recognition in publications such as The Brokers Forum India and Lulu Financial Holdings (Abu Dhabi).

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