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Workplace Conflict Restoration Consultant

Reinventing Professionalism for Tomorrow's Workplace

Welcome to "Dialogue Dynamics," where we reimagine the essence of professionalism for the future of work.

Centered around the concept of psychological safety, this session will guide you through the strategies to cultivate an environment ripe for open conversations, mutual respect, and unparalleled team collaboration.

Participate in exercises that will empower you to articulate expectations clearly and foster a culture where every voice is valued. Prepare to transform your workplace dynamics.

Speaker Bio

Merry Brown, a seasoned writer, speaker, mediator, podcast host, and philosopher is dedicated to guiding individuals and organizations through difficult conversations and conflicts.

As the founder of Third Party Workplace Conflict Restoration Services, LLC (3P), Merry focuses on empowering teams to address conflicts with a restorative, win/win mindset.

Her book, "How to Be Unprofessional at Work: 80 Tips to Ensure Failure," offers a guide on what to avoid in the workplace, sparking insightful discussions on constructive alternatives.

Tune in to the 'Conflict Managed' podcast and follow her on TikTok (@3pconflictrestoration) for one minute workplace conflict management tips.

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