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Director - Working Well Together

Do abrasive and bullying leaders prevent psychological safety?

In our workplaces, there is an ever-increasing need for companies to be able to quickly pivot and innovate. This is being matched by an increasing expectation for employee psychosocial safety at work.

These are two concepts that are intrinsically matched and are significantly negatively influenced by leaders who use abrasive and/or bullying behaviours.

In this presentation, we explore:

  • psychological safety and abrasive and bullying behaviours

  • the negative impacts of abrasive and bullying leaders on psychological safety

  • strategies to manage those leaders that enhance psychological safety leading to better workplace productivity and outcomes

Speaker Bio

Michael Plowright is the director of Working Well Together Pty Ltd. Led by a profound belief that people should live happy, productive lives both in and out of the workplace, he works with organisations that are resolute in preventing and managing workplace bullying differently.

Michael brings over two decades in leadership and experience in changing the perceptions of bullying behaviour. He runs prevention workshops and coaching for bullies. An abrasive leader behaviour specialist and respected conference speaker he is dedicated to changing the bully narrative.

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