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Speaker | Author | Inclusive Leadership Consultant

Brave Spaces, Breakthrough Ideas: The Game-Changing Magic of Psychological Safety

Drawing from the award-winning book, The Psychological Safety Playbook, co-authors Minette Norman and Karolin Helbig will share action steps to change workplace dynamics in profoundly positive ways.

Attendees will be inspired and equipped with practical tools they can use immediately to create the magic of psychological safety in the teams they lead and participate in.

Speaker Bio

Minette Norman is an author, speaker, and leadership consultant who previously spent decades leading global technical teams in the Silicon Valley software industry and realized that we needed a new, more human model of leadership.

As the author of 'The Boldly Inclusive Leader' and the co-author of 'The Psychological Safety Playbook: Lead More Powerfully by Being More Human', Minette is committed to helping leaders unleash the full potential of the people in their organizations.

Minette knows that when groups embrace diversity in all its forms, breakthroughs emerge, and innovation accelerates. Her most recent position before starting her own consultancy was as Vice President of Engineering Practice at Autodesk. Responsible for influencing more than 3,500 engineers around the globe, she focused on state-of-the-art engineering practices while nurturing a collaborative and inclusive culture.

Named in 2017 as one of the “Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business” by the San Francisco Business Times and as “Business Role Model of the Year” in the 2018 Women in IT/Silicon Valley Awards, Minette is a recognized leader with a unique perspective.

Minette holds degrees in Drama and French from Tufts University and studied at the Sorbonne Nouvellein Paris.

Learn more about Minette’s work on her website

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