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CEO - iTrust

More Than Tech

Nick will talk about his experiences of speaking up from both personal and professional angles, from his time working in law enforcement to his current work in business and how achieving a healthy speak up culture in any organization is crucial to it’s success.

Speaker Bio

Nick is a retired police sergeant who spent nearly 20 years successfully recruiting and managing informants. He is now the CEO of a specialist speak up consultancy, iTrust. He is also the co-founder of Worldly Wise whose volunteers give support and inspiration to young people.

Nick has appeared several times on TV and radio to discuss issues that relate to speaking up in the workplace. He has also given evidence to the All Party Parliamentary Group of MPs who want to strengthen whistleblowing legislation in the UK.

Nick is an author and has written two books. ‘Exposing the Truth – Whistleblowing Uncovered’ is a guide to speaking up and his second book ‘Jeopardy’ is a novel about police corruption. Both are available on Amazon.

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