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Inclusion Advisor & Strategist

Checking the Pulse: How to Measure Psychological Safety

You can't improve what you can't measure. But how can we measure something as intangible as psychological safety? While gauging employee perceptions and feelings can be challenging, there are solutions!

In this talk, Patrycja will share practical insights on how leaders can assess psychological safety within their teams, departments, and organizations. By learning to "check the pulse" of their team's well-being, leaders can create a healthy workplace built on trust and collaboration.

Speaker Bio

Patrycja Riera is an inclusion advisor, strategist, and keynote speaker. She helps organizations and thought leaders reach their DEI goals. She believes that we are not to "do inclusion" but rather to "be inclusive". Inclusion should be both felt and measured, and over the years she has developed several frameworks to achieve long-lasting, culture-shifting results.

She is the CEO of @Inclusionem, which creates data-driven inclusion in organizations - fit for humans and fit for the future. At the core, it all starts with human character.

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