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VP of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) and LeaD Academy - Tata Consultancy Services

Psychological Safety: Energizing Potential within Systems

Building Psychological Safety enables leaders to cultivate and unleash the personal potential of the people they lead. Drawing upon Neuroscience and Positive Psychology this session will provide insights and strategies that enable leaders to navigate the paradox of Empathy and Accountability at the workplace, to create a healthy stretch that allows for growth.

Speaker Bio

Preeti D’mello is the Global Head of Diversity & LeaD Academy at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). A seasoned leader with a career spanning over three decades, she has been pivotal in strategizing and spearheading largescale Culture and Diversity global initiatives that deliver high-value business outcomes.

Preeti is responsible for the ongoing systemic transformation in the Culture and Diversity ecosystem, driven with a five-pillar segment-based approach towards DEI; Representation, Ecosystem, Enablement, Engagement, and Development with a simple motto—“Inclusion without Exception.”

At TCS, Preeti’s vision is to create an organizational culture based on multiculturalism, an inclusive approach with people across cultures, diverse styles and perspectives, leading to greater impact of engagement, innovation and revenue. She has been instrumental in forming several Employee Resource Groups that provide a safe space for communities to meet, ideate, share experiences, learn and hold meaningful dialogue.

Preeti has also established LeaD Academy, an institutional learning community that serves as an epicenter for customized DEI and leadership development program interventions.

An alumnus of Harvard University in The Science of Positive & Coaching Psychology, her education includes a Masters in Positive OD from Case Western University, Adult Development. Preeti holds an Advanced Practitioner Certification in the Polarity Approach for Continuity and Transformation, Appreciative Inquiry, Process Work, and Emotional Intelligence.

Preeti is the founder of the Gestalt Institute of Asia, where she now plays an advisory role. She is on the Board of The International Coaching Federation and Coaching in Organizations.

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