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Director - EY Switzerland

Thriving on Tension: Redefining Conflict Resolution

Rhea Ong Yiu & Timm Urschinger aims to turn the traditionally negative perspective on tension into an opportunity for growth, creativity, and collaboration. Utilizing expert discussions and interaction, we hope to bring new concepts to life, and share some techniques to facilitate productive dialogue in contentious situations.

We will share examples to normalize tension using non-violent communications.

Our goal is to equip participants with tools to effectively navigate and turn tensions into positive, enabling mechanisms for growth and evolution.

Speaker Bio

Rhea is something of a cultural chameleon, driving change and impact across diverse international terrains. Her unique cross-cultural background, having worked in various industry sectors globally, allows her to efficiently navigate and bridge cultural gaps and drive impactful change whether its in technology, business or transformation.

At the core, she believes that there is a better way to bring the best out of organizations through the people. Putting humans at the center in solving problems and curating the most meaningful experiences are common threads in her approach to drive lasting, impactful organizational change.

Although a techie by training, Rhea doesn't just infuse innovative tech into a business; she empowers spaces with a mindful touch of humanity, ensuring each project resonates on a personal level. Her balance of professional savvy, intentional structure, and genuine heart equates to a dynamic blend that fosters meaningful advances in the ecosystems she works with.

Outside of work, Rhea comes home to a fluffy furry Samoyed, who loves attention, treats and long walks in the farm. She also likes to put her hat on, recreating recipes and enjoying meals with friends. Beyond the impact of her work, Rhea hopes to leave this world a better place for the generations to come.


Success does not happen alone. Our team has pioneered living expressions of teal, characterized by self-organization, wholeness and evolutionary purpose. This is not just how we work together, but it has become a way life for most of us. Together, we have helped numerous companies of all sizes to rethink what is possible, to unleash the potential of their people and operate from this new paradigm. We have stayed unwavering in our purpose of creating better working conditions and ecosystems for people and organizations to unlock their potential. At EY, we bring this experience as a Teal Dot within the Yellow world, that is the starting point of a scaled impact together.

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