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Leadership Coach, Educator, & Consultant

Dance Lessons for Leaders: The Framework Needed to Cultivate Psychological Safety

It takes more than mandates, lectures, promises, and courses to grow cultures of psychological safety.  It takes equipping leaders with the skills and tools to create psychologically safe spaces.  While this may seem daunting, we can make significant change simply by tweaking and transforming how leaders perform one of the most common conversations they have daily - check ins with their team members. 

Join Stacey Larsen, Ed.D. to learn how her unique Check In Challenge helps leaders form new habits and shift the dynamics of check in conversations in just 6-8 weeks.

Speaker Bio

Stacey Larsen, Ed.D. is passionate about elevating leaders' EQ and coaching skills to transform cultures in midsize organizations

A certified coach with 20+ years’ experience in leadership, adult education, coaching, and change management, Stacey has worked with individual leaders and organizations in a variety of industries, including construction, IT, construction, manufacturing, and healthcare. She holds a doctorate degree in leadership from the University of St Thomas, Minnesota.

She is known for the vibrant energy, innovative approach, and actionable takeaways she brings to her coaching and classroom, both online and in person.

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