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Keynote Speaker, Investor, Entrepreneur, Consultant

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Speaker Bio

Tim McClure is a seasoned sales and marketing professional with over 30 years of extensive senior management experience, leading prominent organizations throughout North America.

Tim has successfully built and managed several teams to record breaking results throughout his storied career. Having worked with over 1,000 sales and marketing representatives, much of Tim’s success has come from his ability to galvanize teams and develop them into highly respected, winning organizations.

Early in his career, Tim rose to the top of the professional sports marketing business as the Senior Vice President of Starter Corporation - the world’s leading supplier of licensed sports apparel. He played an integral role in helping to catapult the brand into a household name throughout North America, working closely with the NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA, and the CFL.

A significant part of Tim’s achievements came from his ability to forge strong strategic alliances with some of sport’s biggest corporate partners including Kraft, Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola, Air Canada, McDonald’s, Labatt and Molson.

In 2005, Tim joined Luxottica Group SpA - the dominating global giant of the fashion eyewear industry. As Vice President, he led the Canadian sales team, while working closely with clients to build Luxottica’s vast portfolio of the world’s most renowned brands that included Ray Ban, Versace, Prada, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Tiffany, and Chanel.

Less than a year into his tenure with Luxottica, Tim was promoted to Senior Director, North America and moved to New York to lead the US sales direction. Not only would he continue to manage 55 sales representatives and head up the Canadian growth efforts, but he also took on the challenge of guiding a US sales force that included over 350 sales and marketing professionals.

Tim played a key role in leading Luxottica to record sales and profitability results, while helping to successfully change the culture of the organization throughout North America.

But this is only the beginning of Tim’s story...

On February 4th, 2011 Tim was diagnosed with inoperable stage 4 cancer. Over the course of the next year, Tim’s life and the lives of his family and closest friends would be impacted more than they could have ever imagined. In the months following his diagnosis, Tim’s funeral was planned, pall bearers were chosen, and his final affairs were put in order…but then, something incredible and unexpected happened.

After an aggressive treatment plan and lengthy recovery period, it was confirmed that Tim was in remission. Against all odds, Tim had beaten cancer and his life took a remarkable turn for the better! Words like ‘miracle’, ‘incredible’ and ‘amazing’ have been used by medical professionals to describe his recovery.

Tim has been blessed to be recognized with prestigious awards for his leadership and community service: 2013 Scotiabank Game Changers Award, 2014 BMW Hero Award, 2018 Premier’s Award, and the 2019 Alumni of Distinction Award. Serving as an Honorary Chairman for The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation for 5 years stands out as one of Tim’s proudest honors.

Throughout his career, Tim has been a talented and gifted business speaker. He has spoken at shareholder meetings, industry forums, professional sports conferences, sales

meetings, and corporate retreats. Tim has taken the stage for industry leaders such as TD Bank, The Conference Board of Canada, NielsenIQ, Sony, Scotiabank, and The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

Tim has had the privilege of sharing his experience and expertise about building strong corporate leadership, developing sustainable momentum, galvanizing teams through creating a culture of trust, and the importance and impact that mental health can have on organization’s bottom line.

When he was first diagnosed with cancer, doctors told Tim that if he were to survive, he may lose his ability to ever speak again. He promised himself that if blessed with a second chance, he would use it to help people use their own voice to make a positive impact in the world.

Tim is a Board Of Director, investor, an entrepreneur, and a consultant to organizations seeking external business advice. He now speaks to corporations, professional sports teams, high schools, universities, hospitals and foundations about overcoming obstacles, beating the odds and living life to the fullest.

After contributing to several book projects for other authors over the years, Tim is currently working on his own leadership book that is set to be released in 2025.

Tim resides in Aurora, Ontario with his partner, Ketty, and he has 2 daughters, Jaclyn and Jessica.

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